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Gift Idea

Maybe mugs are the right thing? A voucher is perfect!

Gift Idea
shot pong

Maybe shot pong is the right thing? A voucher is perfect!

That's how it's done
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Are you looking for the perfect gift?
We have the right thing for you!
Just give away a BeerBaller voucher.
The voucher can be used on all our products in the online shop. Whether it's a beer pong table, shot pong or a hat...
the recipient is sure to find something in our range!
And so it goes:
Choose the amount when purchasing
Enter the recipient's e-mail address (if you don't want to have the e-mail sent directly to the recipient with the code, it's best to enter your e-mail address there!)
Then you can enter your name
And optionally a message
Now add the product to the shopping cart
As soon as we have received your payment, the email with the voucher will be sent.
If you feel like it, you can print out a template for the voucher here:
DOWNLOAD there you can enter the voucher amount and the code and give it away the old-fashioned way on a piece of paper.
Or you simply print out our mail.
Have fun with the gift!
The voucher is not a physical object, the voucher will be sent by email.

Gift Idea
Red cups

Maybe Red Cups are the right thing? A voucher is perfect!

Gift Idea
He who laughs loses

Maybe who laughs loses is the right thing to do? A voucher is perfect!

You are important to us!
Your opinion counts!
Reviewed with 5.00 from 5, based on 6 Customer Reviews

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Based on 6 reviews
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  1. My savior at Christmas time. Gave my friend a voucher. I knew he was dying for a table. Not which ones, though, and it's also a bit too expensive for me as a Christmas present. So I could give him something and he can just choose it himself 🙂

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  2. Super nice Christmas design. Perfect for a Christmas present 🙂

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  3. A practical gourd. Nice for a Christmas gift.

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  4. Ordered it for my brother. It's also a really nice gift card. Great for under our Christmas tree.

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  5. I gave a voucher to my friend. Practical that you can choose between many values

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We came up with something especially for such spontaneous beer pong rounds. A beer pong table that you can fold up quickly and easily and take with you anywhere. The perfect drinking game for on the go! Whether with friends, in the park or at a festival - thanks to our collapsible beer pong tables you can play anywhere!
LED table
Especially when you're sitting outside with friends and drinking a beer, it would be super cool to have a table with you that you could spontaneously play a few rounds of beer pong with. But who has a long and large table with them that is also totally bulky and unwieldy? This is where our Beer Pong tables come into play!
cup holders
Are you bothered by the constant wobbling and tipping over of the cups? No problem, here too we have the ideal solution with integrated holes to hold the cups in their position. And if not, you can also choose our beer pong table variant without a cup holder. With this variant you can arrange the cups as you wish.
Our goal is to create an unforgettable time, filled with fun and action, in every possible - or even impossible - place. Our portable tables can overturn any location for the beer pong event and thus guarantee absolute fun.